Decom - test

Peterson work closely with waste management specialist, Veolia, operating decommissioning ready facilities in Lerwick, Great Yarmouth and Teesport in the UK and Lutelandet, Norway.

Headquartered in Greenhead Base in Lerwick, Shetland, the base is the only quayside in Scotland that is capable of receiving Single Life structure loads of 60te/m2 and a 20,000m2 fully permitted decommissioning pad capable of handling major decommissioning projects. Supported fully by Decom North Sea, the base is fully operational with expansion plans for the future already in place.

The collaborative approach has recovered over 75,000 tonnes of offshore materials and achieved ‘excellent’ environmental assessment ratings in the process.

Decom projects have included:

  • Buchan Alpha
  • Leman BH
  • West of Shetland redevelopment/ decommissioning project, handling around 12,000te of subsea structures, risers, moorings and chain, and transportation of new structures/material offshore for deployment
  • Culzean field subsea material
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