Real time visibility across your logistics supply chain

Our Lighthouse suite of technology solutions unburden clients, by providing them with full visibility across their entire supply chain, ensuring they always have a complete and accurate picture of their operations.
Lighthouse provides digital assurance at every step of the cargo demand planning process, delivering consistent, compliant and safe operations for our clients, with digital assurance at every step.

The solutions within Lighthouse seamlessly integrate with one another to trigger business processes automatically, without manual intervention. This ensures operations always run in a consistent, standardised and transparent way. Advanced analytics and machine learning are used to build client supply chains which are faster, more robust, and more responsive to change.

Continual improvement across systems allows the modules to integrate also with our clients’ systems bringing theoretical collaboration in the supply chain to reality.

Working seamlessly with the Lighthouse suite is Streamba’s VOR supply chain orchestration platform.

Powered by real-time data and machine learning, VOR enables frontline supply chain experts to have full visibility and control of global operations, make informed decisions quickly and deliver measurable results via a single collaborative platform.
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