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People profile: Daniel Gear

Our Shetland Business Manager, Daniel Gear, shares his Peterson career story with us. He discusses his current role, recent projects he has been involved in and upcoming priorities for Peterson in Shetland.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

After a decade away from Shetland, I returned home in March to join Peterson as Shetland Business Manager. I previously worked with an energy company where I was responsible for the delivery of strategic programmes across the Group’s global Engineering and Production Services business. As part of this, I was involved in several interesting projects including the Acorn Carbon Capture and Hydrogen project in Aberdeenshire, and the development of the company’s global Energy Transition strategy.

What are your main responsibilities?

My role as Business Manager is fantastically broad, covering multiple service lines from quayside operations, to fuel bunkering, and our contracts at NorthLink, Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT), Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) and more. I’m ultimately accountable for all aspects of how we conduct our business, including safety and service provision.

In practice I work with an amazing and experienced team on all of those things; my role is really to optimise the way that we work together to make sure those outcomes are as good as they possibly can be. Everything I do will be built around the extensive core of experience that the Shetland team hold.

Are there any projects you are currently working on of particular interest?

Unsurprisingly, we are seeing a lot of interesting involvement in the Viking Energy wind farm, and I’d anticipate that our expertise in logistics and lifting operations will continue to be put to good use over the coming years on that project. Looking forward, I’m excited about some of the other projects associated with the Energy Transition that will be coming to Shetland in the years ahead. I’m watching those very carefully!

What are the priorities for Peterson in Shetland?

There are two priorities: client-focused continuous improvement, and growth in our core and adjacent markets. Ultimately, we could find ourselves competing for opportunities to come to Shetland instead of going elsewhere. If the work can be done here, and it makes sense for it to come here, then my priority will be making sure that happens, both for the benefit of Peterson and the team, and for the greater benefit that it will bring to Shetland.

How do you see the outlook for Shetland in the oil and gas, and other energy industries?

Shetland has a great deal of potential. In terms of oil & gas, I think we’ll see a pick-up of activity in and around Shetland in the short-term, partly related to the industry’s drive to cut emissions. The last barrel of oil to be produced in the UK may well come from the West of Shetland, so by simple virtue of our location we are fantastically placed to grab some of those opportunities. Additionally, there is a huge decommissioning industry on the horizon that we could play an important part in for similar reasons.

It's the growing momentum in the new energy sector that I think has the most exciting potential for the isles. First through the transformation of existing oil and gas assets and operations, then through the development of offshore wind, and over the next decade, the ORION project, which will be huge. On a personal level, I’m really motivated to do that in a way that drives the best possible outcomes for Shetland and maximises the use of the local skills and supply chain to get us there.

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