Health, safety, environment & quality

Health, safety, quality and environmental matters hold equal status to other primary drivers of our business and are the foundation of the Peterson Business Management System.

Peterson works to the highest industry standards of certification in safety, quality management, security and environmental systems.

We provide the resources to ensure that all measures are taken to provide an effective and efficient working environment.

Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is our primary focus and we encourage every person within Peterson to take personal responsibility for this. Any unsafe acts and conditions will be reported through our incident reporting system, called Innovate, and acted upon in a responsible manner.


Quality assurance is the foundation of our business and it has an impact on all that we do. As a service company, we ensure that client focus and satisfaction are of primary concern. Our policies, standards and processes that support these are designed to ensure we meet this.


Security is an important aspect of all our operations. Whether we are working in a port facility that is International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) compliant or operating warehousing and storage facilities where we are the custodians of our customer's material and assets, protecting them is a fundamental element of the services we provide.


Peterson is committed to protecting our natural environment and wherever possible we will seek to reduce our carbon footprint and other environmental aspects.

To request a copy of our HSEQ policy please contact:


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