Our values

Our six values are underpinned by a set of important behaviours which form the character of our company. Our values connect us all and we each carry the responsibility to ensure we live by our values and the associated behaviours.

Personal Responsibility

Taking responsibility for our actions is central to all that we do, whether honouring our promises or ensuring our safety.

Winning partnerships

We value loyalty, listening to our clients, suppliers and colleagues, treating them with mutual respect, building consensus to succeed together.

Developing people

Our tradition is to support those with ambition and drive who seek new opportunities throughout our organisation.

Delivery focused

We aim for operational excellence and consistent service delivery driven by a focus on commitment and responsiveness.

Innovative thinking

We constantly look at new ways to support our customers in a market that is demanding more technology, flexibility and tailored solutions.

Long view

We think like a family in generations, not quarters, fully aware of our role in adding to the Peterson reputation, over time.

Trust well placed

At Peterson we call this TRUST. TRUST outlines our values and behaviours and forms the basis of all aspects of our working relationships, with other Peterson employees, shareholders, clients, partners, suppliers, competitors and the wider community.

"TRUST applies to every Peterson employee, it defines the way we think, work and act to ensure we deliver consistently. All of our employees are being recruited, appraised and have their training needs assessed against our behaviours."

Murdo MacIver, Board Director - Offshore Group


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