Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to making a positive impact in the local communities in which we operate, this is done through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme ‘Dare to Care’.

Peterson has built up a world-class line of products and services but we also understand the importance of maintaining a strong connection with the communities and environments that we work in.

Our CSR programme, ‘Dare to care’, enables us to do this. It is based on four pillars: customers, employees, environment and community. Each pillar represents a social aspect of our company that we need to uphold in order to maintain our quality and stay strong in the international market.

We value our customer relationship, going beyond providing a basic service and immersing ourselves in their needs and challenges wherever possible. We also take care of our own employees by supporting their development and watching their health.

We consider the environment by saving energy, water and raw materials. Looking to reduce our global footprint, our helicopters and supply vessels co-sharing concept contributes to significant reductions in fuel consumption. Although personal one-to-one meetings remain important, we are looking to reduce aeroplane flights by using internet conference facilities, as well as setting practical targets for the reduction of energy use. 

Additionally, we find it important to connect with the people in the communities where we work and therefore support various community projects around the world. 

Not every company can show that they are socially active, but we are not every company. We are Peterson and we dare to care!


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