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Peterson achieves decommissioning milestones

International energy logistics provider Peterson has achieved two major milestones with the successful arrival of the 14,200 tonne Ninian Northern topside at the company’s base in Shetland and a record 50 structures received for decommissioning in Great Yarmouth Port.
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Peterson joins Northern Powerhouse

International energy logistics provider Peterson has joined the Northern Powerhouse Partner Programme, a government-led initiative aimed to boost the local economy through investment in skills, innovation, transport and culture.

Age of logistics as a service

Now is the time to fundamentally change the way the oil and gas industry operates
through a greater focus on digital collaboration across the entire supply chain.

Peterson secures NHV aviation handling contract

International energy logistics provider Peterson has been awarded an aviation handling contract from helicopter operator NHV to support NHV, NAM and Shell UK for the Southern North Sea.

The time to challenge. The time to create the new normal.

There is no doubt that the double hit of COVID-19 and the continuing low oil price have left our industry in crisis. What is also not in doubt is that collectively we have never had a greater opportunity for meaningful change.

Peterson implements additional lifesaving rule number 11: Social Distancing

For over ten years now we have implemented our ten lifesaving rules (LSR) which provide our employees with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues. We believe these LSR have significantly improved our safety performance and helped to lower both our LTIF and TRCF, making Peterson a safer place to work. 
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