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10,000 days without LTI at Den Helder Airport

On the 27th of July this year, it was exactly 10.000 days since Peterson started operating at the Den Helder Airport location. Starting in 1989 as a sole proprietorship to handle the cargo of the helicopter flights from the NAM, it quickly grew into an all-round service provider for aviation logistics. During this time, we have operated without a single accident.

Double anniversary

Exactly ten years ago on the 1st of October, Peterson began management of the SNS Pool Aviation, also known as the Air Logistics Centre (ALC). The ALC is a consortium including 7 operators. Based on the model of vessel sharing, Peterson developed a new model applicable to the aviation services in the offshore industry. Using the Vantage POB system Peterson efficiently plans and arranges structural shares for helicopters between operators. On crew change flights, a fixed number of helicopter chairs were assigned to an operator.

Jan Willem Cornelissen, Business Manager Peterson aviation services explains: “The ultimate goal is to operate safely and efficiently, while at the same time creating maximum flexibility.”

Over the past 10 years the operators of the SNS pool aviation have achieved the following savings by combining their helicopter capacity:

  • 7,000 hours of air time saved by flight sharing resulting in over €35 million in flight costs
  • 3 million litres of fuel (more than enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool)
  • 8 million kg CO2 reduction (enough for planting 625 hectacre of forest)
The above mentioned savings are equivalent to one helicopter flying around the world 48 times.

Logistics and base manager Mr. Ton de Vries from ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V. and SNS Pool aviation steering committee member stated: “In addition to arranging helicopter shares, the ALC is responsible for rescheduling people flight arrangement in case of disturbed flights due to weather circumstances. Booking hotel rooms, taking care of transport to hotels, often this involves hundreds of people. These hectic periods requires craftsmanship, helicopter view and a pragmatic approach, which the ALC is doing very well.”