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AMLA saves approximately 360 tonnes of CO2 through vessel sharing in 2015

During last weeks AMLA Members Meeting, AMLA Members were handed a certificate for their effort to reduce the CO2 emissions through AMLA. In 2015, approximately 360 tonnes of CO2 was saved through AMLA.
CNR International saved the most CO2 through vessel sharing. Andy Wood, Senior Materials Co-ordinator from CNR explains: "We are proud to be able to show that collaboration is the way forward. It's not only about cost reduction but also about the environmental impact."

Peterson is facilitator of Aberdeen Marine Logistics Alliance (AMLA), a vessel sharing initiative designed to maximise efficiency and reduce marine logistics costs through the sharing of vessels wherever possible. Established in 1995, this forward-thinking idea was eagerly received by the industry and members have enjoyed millions of financial savings and a reduction in thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions since its launch.

Collaboration and sharing should not be buzz words only used when the oil price is low. We have the experience and technology to facilitate sharing models. The industry has a responsibility to ensure that the sharing of resources across the supply chain becomes the new norm.

Peterson will continue to lead the way for collaborative working in the logistics market and we look forward to seeing further growth and results from vessel sharing arrangements in the future.