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People profile: Jur Reitsma

Assistant Manager for Den Helder Base, Jur Reitsma, shares his Peterson career story with us. He discusses his career progression, upcoming projects he is looking forward to and recent sustainability milestones.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

I joined Peterson in 2016 as part of the chemicals department in Den Helder. I initially joined as a Planner and later move into a role as Coordinator. During this time, I gained valuable experience and learned a lot from the other members of the chemicals team. This has allowed me to progress to my current role as Assistant Manager for Den Helder Base, which I started earlier this year.

What does your new role involve?

I am the team lead for base operations in Den Helder which means I am responsible for incident investigation, leading the implementation of new software and acting as the focal point for all base operations staff. We are currently working on the implementation of the Manage app and integration of D365, both of which will play an important role in optimising our existing processes.

Are there any upcoming projects that you are looking forward to?

I’m particularly looking forward to the implementation of Manage. Manage will provide the team here with a more detailed overview of backload cargo on the quayside which will help to remove the need for the paper-based processes we currently use. It will give our forklift drivers clear visibility of cargo and will help us to stay aligned with our clients, ensuring backload containers are collected by vendors within the agreed timeframe.

What are the priorities for the base over the next little while?

We are starting to see significant progress on our sustainability journey, and this is something we would like to continue over the coming months. We recently expanded our electric forklift fleet with the delivery of two new vehicles and we would like to see if we can do the same thing for our trucks by exploring electric alternatives and greener fuels.  

Do you have any goals you would like to achieve over the next few years?

My new role is completely different to Peterson Chemicals, so it is a new and exciting challenge that I’m still settling into. I work with a great team here which works hard and has good suggestions for how we can improve operations. I am looking forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with them and working together to deliver to the highest standards.

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