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People profile: Sandra Hawkins

Sandra Hawkins, Business Manager for Peterson Heysham and Lillyhall, shares her Peterson career story with us. She discusses her core responsibilities, the projects she is currently working on and her plans to continue to encourage safe working practises within Peterson.

What are your main responsibilities?

I am responsible for the safety performance, man-management, profitability, and development of Peterson’s Lillyhall and Heysham sites. I promote and encourage safe working practices and initiatives within the workforce, and I provide operational management and direction to ensure maximum utilisation of resources in the delivery of service level agreements for our customers. A key aspect of my role is to provide guidance, support, and direction for all members of the team and to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

I started my career as a personal assistant (PA) for a Managing Director, but quickly progressed within the company to the role of Estimator and Clerk, responsible for designing timber framed houses and roofs and managing production.

Following this, I moved into a Production Supervisor role for five years, before joining a local Japanese engineering company where I held various roles over a 16-year period. I started as a Quality Inspector in the manufacture of bearings, had the opportunity to join the new automotive steering systems operation, and finally moved into the position of Senior Materials Planner.

I later left the automotive industry and went into aerospace as a Key Account manager. After achieving my objectives, one of which was to get the business to 100% delivery on time with stock, I returned to the automotive industry for a brief period until the opportunity arose to join the energy sector.

I began my 13-year span in the energy sector working solely in the nuclear division as a Logistics and Materials Manager. I then transitioned to Senior Material Controls Manager as well as being Technical Authority for Materials Management across all sectors of the business including nuclear, thermal and process. I eventually ended up working in engineering for the process sector, before beginning my role with Peterson as Business Manager for Lillyhall and Heysham Port in December last year.

Are there any projects you are currently working on of particular interest?

Our base at Lillyhall provides specialist logistics services to one of our clients. I would like to expand our presence in the area to other sectors such as construction, offering our knowledge and experience across a wide range of services including consultancy, storage, managed warehousing, materials management, material consolidation and logistics.

Our Heysham facility also has huge potential for expansion. I hope to oversee this growth, particularly in the wind sector, walk-to-work (W2W), decommissioning, storage, managed warehousing, materials management and consultancy.

What are the priorities for Peterson in England?

My priorities for England are to continue to promote and encourage safe working practises and initiatives within the workforce, ensuring excellent safety performance at both Lillyhall and Heysham Port.

I hope to continue to provide our clients with the highest quality service possible, helping to reinforce Peterson as the go-to business for port services, control tower operations, decommissioning, storage, managed warehousing and materials management regardless of the industry.

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