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Peterson Offshore Group Netherlands improves Achilles FPAL Verify Audit performance

Peterson Offshore Group Netherlands, hereafter ‘Peterson’, has excelled in its Achilles FPAL Verify Audit, improving results across the board.
Achilles FPAL Verify is a supplier audit which rigorously benchmarks performance for the benefit of over 2,000 individual international buyers from around 80 oil & gas operators and contractors. The audit process involves a visit to a nominated suppliers’ premises and covers Quality, Health & Safety, Environment, Competence & Training practices. The Health, Safety and Environmental elements of the Verify audit are assessed in line with recognised industry standards IOGP & NORSOK.

Once again, excellent scores were achieved with Peterson receiving 9.6 for Quality, 9.5 for both Health & Safety the Environment and 9.3 for training & competence. These scores show a significant improvement in performance across all areas from the last FPAL audit conducted two years ago, and demonstrate a visible commitment to continuous improvement. The largest improvement is in the area of competency and training, where our assessment program for high risk functions has significantly raised the score.

Peterson has focused on developing digital logistics solutions to improve processes and efficiency across operations, thus the company also recognised the potential to improve safety by harnessing operational data and utilising advanced analytics to support centralised reporting and secondary process management, all of which increase transparency and drive safety improvement.

Lennart Hartog, HSEQ Team leader, commented: “Our values are key to our success, one of which is personal responsibility, and this is driven through the company by a proactive HSEQ team - that demonstrate a very ‘hands on” approach. In working closely with our operations teams, we convey a strong safety message, communicate the expectations of the business clearly in relation to safety and maintain a high level of motivation, in delivering a truly one Peterson approach to safety.”

Keith Dawson, Director of HSEQ, added: “FPAL is one of the many tools we use to benchmark ourselves within the industry, therefore it is extremely pleasing to achieve significant increases in our scores, across all areas. We aspire to be the industry leader globally, across the four Verify elements and this takes us a step closer to realising our ambition.

“These are exciting times within Peterson. We like to celebrate and share our many successes, buts it’s equally important for us all to display a culture of care, with one common goal and that is working together. Through that we can strengthen and reinforce our safety culture and achieve an incident free work place.

“The improvements in the FPAL scores certainly demonstrate that Peterson are on the right track.
“My personal thanks and the thanks of the Peterson Leadership team to our colleagues for their commitment and contribution in maintaining consistent high standards and making results like these achievable.”
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