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Peterson opens HUB 2 in Den Helder

We recently expanded our office, warehousing and storage facilities in Den Helder with the opening of the HUB 2.  Adjacent to our existing HUB, HUB 2 brings together several activities including external CCU container storage and a suite of offices housing CCU, 80:20 Procurement Services NL and Wind Energy Link (WELink).
Container storage.

The existing HUB has operated near capacity for some time so when the Spaansen location became available Peterson took the opportunity. The terrain outside and the office building has been renovated and the storage area is already filling up with containers. The Cargo Unit Department can be found on the ground floor of the HUB 2.


When it comes to procurement, 80:20 has a strong reputation within the oil and gas market. With the use of advanced systems they offer an integrated package to further streamline the procurement process. You can find the 80:20 team on the 1st floor.


In December 2013 Wind Energy Link (WELink) was established as a joint venture between Peterson, ATO Sustainable Business Engineers and Asset Management Control Tools & Training (AMC T&T).

Sander van Helvoort is appointed by Peterson to bring WELink to the next level together with the wind industry related activities within Peterson. His office can be found on the ground floor of the HUB 2.

The official opening of the HUB 2 took place on Wednesday October 7th giving colleagues the opportunity to visit the refurbished office, warehouse and the storage area. Jan Schipper, Regional Director, commented "I would like to thank all those involved for their hard work during this extensive renovation, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers access to our wider range of services from this new improved facility."