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Peterson proud sponsor of SAIL Den Helder 2017

SAIL Den Helder is, with the backdrop of the international Tall Ships the biggest 2017 public event in the Netherlands. A magnificent nautical event in the northern part of North Holland. From 22 June up to and including 25 June 2017, Sail Den Helder will be organised for the fifth time.  Peterson is proud to sponsor this fantastic event.
Sail Den Helder 2017 brings back, on the 22nd of June for one day only, the Golden Age of the Netherlands, on a scale comparable to Sail Den Helder 2013. With a fleet of big ships, and as many smaller sailing vessels, this will be a historic day. As in days of old a large fleet of sailing vessels will be anchored at Texel Roads near Den Helder. We hope to welcome the biggest windjammers. After the Fleet Review on Texel Roads all ships will moor on 22 June in the port of Den Helder and until 25 June will provide the magnificent backdrop for a grand event. Of course the vessels will be open to the public during the event. 

Together with your family, friends and colleagues you can come and immerse yourselves in the magic which is our maritime nautical heritage: the rich history of navigation and ports that are still as important to our economy. Come and see the Tall Ships, Dutch historic ships, modern ships and naval vessels and experience the various big and small events at Willemsoord, the Flaneerkade, the Nieuwediepkade and the Marineterrein in Den Helder!

We wish you all a great time during SAIL 2017!

SAIL Den Helder 2017