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Port Cameron and Peterson signed a Letter of Intent to lease 1.2 million square feet of rental space in Port Cameron Logistics Center

Lake Charles, LA – Port Cameron, LLC announced today, July 26th, Peterson Offshore Group (“Peterson”), a European based leading international energy logistics management operator has signed a Letter of Intent to lease 1.2 million square feet of rental space in Port Cameron Logistics Center.

Community Development Financial Services Group of America, LLC (“CDFS”) published a Request for Proposals “RFP” August 1, 2016, for Port Cameron (CDFS) to obtain proposal information for a teaming agreement supporting logistics and warehousing services and support for Energy Clients products and needs, inventory receipts, storage, warehousing of owner / operator, vendor, and supplier products. Port Cameron was seeking a logistics provider interested in a Teaming Agreement that will produce the best partnership for Port Cameron and its perspective customers.

In a field of the top ten logistics companies in the world, CDFS selected its top three respondent’s finalist proposals, Peterson, DHL and Crane Worldwide. However, in evaluation of each of the three finalist’s proposals, CDFS logistics executives and CDFS—Port Cameron Executive Governance Committee realized each respondent’s interest and requirements were unique. As a result, CDFS—Port Cameron decided upon a blended solution consisting of a pathway to crafting a teaming partnership with each finalist.

Port Cameron and Peterson signed a Teaming and Consulting Agreement on January 17, 2017 under which the project will be led and managed by Community Development Financial Services Group of America, LLC (“CDFS”), a Louisiana based domestic private company whose executives possess over 60 years of combined port and logistics management experience along with Peterson, who has a strong track record in optimizing integrated supply base and logistics operations. This Teaming Management Partnership collaboration will support the planning, development and marketing of the initial development of Port Cameron.

The Teaming and Consulting Agreement gives Peterson the option to lease up to 1,200,000 square feet of space in Port Cameron Logistic Center which is being formalized at today’s signing. The Agreement also gives Peterson the opportunity to be the Co-Manager with 2 responsibilities to act as Port Manager for Port Cameron and Port Cameron Logistic Center. As Co-Managers of the port and Logistic Center, Peterson will provide operational support in relation to strategic planning, facility and port and logistics center management, including assisting Port Cameron with marketing a design-build development.

Erwin Kooij, CEO for Peterson Offshore Group, said: “With Port Cameron’s strategic location, we’re looking to create an opportunity for greater efficiency of transportation of equipment and oilfield consumables to offshore platforms. We are looking to replicate the model we have successfully developed in the North Sea and internationally and we are focusing on working with the port developer and developing a customer base.”

Bud Viator, Chairman of CDFS--Port Cameron Executive Governance Committee, said: “We are very excited to be collaborating with Peterson and the signing of their letter of intent to lease rental space in Port Cameron Logistic Center. This brings the development of Port Cameron as a premier port for the Gulf coast closer to reality.”

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