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Veolia-Peterson receive structures for decommissioning of the Leadon field

Veolia-Peterson received two structures from the Total, formerly Maersk Oil, Leadon field at their Greenhead Base in Shetland for final disposal this month.

The midline structure weighing 150te from  the Leadon field was received on 1st July on behalf of Maersk Supply Service with the south towhead arriving 2 weeks later on 14th July. Further subsea material and the final towhead are due to follow these initial structure to Shetland. The total weight of the towheads is expected to be 428Te. The partnership of Veolia-Peterson also supported the recovery of the towheads by provision of offshore Radiological Protection Services onboard the Maersk Inventor.

The Leadon field decommissioning program was approved in March 2016. The FPSO vessel that was responsible for production in the field, the Global Producer III, has been relocated to the Donan field leaving just the subsea material to be removed and decommissioned.

The partnership aims to achieve a 99% recycling rate of all the subsea material, something they achieved when decommissioning the Leman platform at Great Yarmouth last year. Veolia and Peterson work in partnership to provide a full decommissioning service for the North Sea from strategic locations including Shetland, Great Yarmouth and Lutelandet, Norway. Peterson provide a full integrated logistics service including quayside operations, deconstruction and marine services, while Veolia specialise in waste management and environmental services ensuring a high recycling rate of the structures to improve sustainability.