Collaboration & Optimisation

Peterson’s expertise in bringing parties together for mutual benefit is well documented. Vessel sharing is one of our obvious successes. However, at a strategic level, Peterson’s ambition and scale also enables us to initiate and deliver a whole new level of industry optimisation by developing new concepts through engaging with horizontal stakeholders such as vessel and asset owners.

As well as historic work with global operators, we are now partnering with the likes of Port Cameron, Louisiana. Under this agreement, Peterson will have the option to lease up to 1.2 million square feet of space in Port Cameron Logistics Centre and will also serve as port manager. In this role, Peterson will provide operational support and port management, including supporting Port Cameron with strategic development.

A solid understanding of processes and systems required to optimise port and supply base operations makes Peterson the stand out global choice as the strategic partner for major projects, particularly as the industry looks to improve efficiency and cut costs.