Data driven solutions

The innovative solutions that the energy industry deploys to ensure safe and successful exploration and production, are now available in logistics. Using our deep knowledge of asset handling and management, as the industry pioneer, Peterson has now applied this know-how to data and analytics.

With real-time information and analytics at its heart, our Lighthouse suite of technology solutions enables us, via simple and secure web based dashboards, to provide headline KPIs. Businesses can see how their resources and assets are performing, allowing thorough analysis in real-time, of both historic and predictive usage patterns. This is where data becomes insight, as we work with you to manage your assets, predictably and proactively.

Enriched with an intuitive search functionality, our data driven supply chain solutions have given us an enviable reputation for delivering consistent, compliant, and safe logistics services, whilst meeting your evolving needs to improve operational efficiencies and deliver real cost savings.

Learn about our Lighthouse suite of technology solutions here.

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