Decommissioning oil and gas assets offers high levels of commercial opportunity and technical risk. Safely disposing of redundant assets takes deep knowledge and expertise to address the recurring challenge of not knowing what you don’t know.

And this is where partnering with our trusted experts makes so much sense. We know how to deliver efficient, cost-effective onshore disposal services of offshore oil and gas infrastructure, often working in collaboration with our specialist partner Veolia.

Veolia - Peterson
Covering both UK and Norwegian North Sea assets from our strategically positioned facilities in Lerwick, Shetland, Lutelandet, Great Yarmouth, we have direct and pertinent expertise in reverse installation, barge offloading and subsea equipment servicing and pending further expansion at Dales Voe, our services will expand to enable single lift receipt. Logistically, technically and geographically, Peterson has North Sea decommissioning covered, perfectly positioned to help our customers manage risk and minimise the costs associated with transporting and disposing of infrastructure.

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