Sharing solutions

Real business success comes from knowing where to compete and where to collaborate. In an industry as complex as that of global energy logistics, sometimes businesses fail to see that sharing with their competitors can be the solution - delivering significant savings and creating maximum flexibility.

But at Peterson, we have the proof and the track record, knowing what works, to everyone’s benefit. Working very closely with our customers, we can identify new models and solutions that can benefit all participants.

Our sharing solutions, built on more than 20 years' experience, have been applied successfully to vessel and marine operations, helicopter and aviation, supply base, warehousing and inland transport. Modern warehouses, secure outdoor space and custom built software are all managed seamlessly by highly experienced and skilled staff. And to ensure total fairness amongst all participants, we calculate all the variables, ensuring that overall and individual business costs are down, efficiencies are up and our customers are free to focus on just what sets their businesses apart.

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