Life at Peterson

We have a long-term vision and this extends to our people and our investment in their training and development.  Our tradition is to support those with ambition and drive who seek new opportunities throughout our organisation. We expect all our employees to actively mentor others, sharing knowledge and experience and we provide support for those looking to excel.

Our values, behaviours and code of conduct help guide us in the work we do every day. At Peterson we call this TRUST. TRUST outlines our values and behaviours and forms the basis of all aspects of our working relationships, with other Peterson employees, shareholders, clients, partners, suppliers, competitors and the wider community. TRUST applies to every Peterson employee, it defines the way we think, work and act to ensure we deliver consistently. All of our employees are recruited, appraised and have their training needs assessed against our behaviours.

"When we do the right thing our customers trust and value us and we can all take pride in the company we work for"

Erwin A. Kooij, CEO - Offshore Group

As a family company our family values are throughout the company and we do a lot in terms of traineeships and community outreach projects. We have a strong focus on developing a local business with a strong local workforce. When we enter a new region we are making a long term commitment to invest and grow a business in that region.

As part of a wider global organisation we have a network of offices worldwide which can provide opportunities for people who are willing to travel.

The Peterson Academy is a one year traineeship for graduates. The traineeship offers a unique insight into an established international work environment with a practical assignment aligned to the trainees’ background and interests and international work experience.

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