Our leadership team

Based in the UK, the Netherlands and the Americas, but with a global outlook, our senior team has extensive industry experience. Together with their teams they make sure that our safety culture is compliant with the highest possible standard.
Erwin Kooij
Erwin Kooij, CEO - Energy Logistics - Group Board Director
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Murdo MacIver
Murdo MacIver, Chief Operating Officer – Energy Logistics - Group Board Director
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John Bain
John Bain, Chief Financial Officer
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Sarah Moore
Sarah Moore, Executive Director
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Chris Coull
Chris Coull, Regional Director
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Jason Hendry
Jason Hendry, Regional Director
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Ron van der Laan
Ron van der Laan, Regional Director
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Maarten Spiljard
Maarten Spiljard, Regional Director
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Keith Dawson
Keith Dawson, Director of HSEQ
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Steven Burns
Steven Burns, Head of HR
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Steven Smith
Steven Smith, Head of Group Communications
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