Aviation services

Peterson provides a comprehensive range of services in passenger and freight transportation by helicopter, which is one of the main means of transport for both offshore wind and the oil industry.

As global experts with a passion for innovation, Peterson is pleased to offer technology-driven solutions for aviation services across the world.

Our supply chain management for aviation services guarantees that your cargo and crews will arrive safely and efficiently.

Safety First

Safety is of the utmost importance whilst flying passengers to offshore installations. For this reason, our services are very much focussed on that aspect. Peterson obtained I.A.T.A. cat. B (freight forwarder) and C (cargo ground handler) certification.

Helicopter Sharing

With the aim of reducing the number of flights to and from installations – and thereby reducing the cost to operators, and environmental impact - Peterson developed and introduced a helicopter sharing concept in the Netherlands. It proved to be a success and has now been further developed in cooperation with participating operators. In due course, it will be rolled out to other offshore areas.

Our range of services include:

  • Helicopter chartering
  • Helicopter scheduling
  • Helicopter sharing
  • Detachment of helicopter schedules
  • Flight operations
  • Survival suit rentals
  • Passenger check-in
  • Passenger escort to and from the aircraft
  • Arrangements for VIP flights
  • Inspection of proper video attendance by passengers
  • Inspection on three layers of clothing policy
  • Mail and newspaper handling
  • Maintaining Vantage POB database
  • Training and certification of Vantage POB users
  • Freight handling
  • Freight forwarding
  • Inspection of all cargo on I.A.T.A. regulations
  • Customs import and export documentation
  • Coordination of passenger transport to hotel /airport
  • Clients’ representative during no-fly situations (fog/adverse weather)
  • XBR shoulder width measurements

Walk2Work vessel crew change

Walk2Work provides a safe and uniform procedure for all those travelling offshore. We understand that it is important for our customers to have their passengers checked into their POB system for time writing and emergency response reasons and we work closely with them to offer this service solution for them.

Peterson also offers most of the services listed above as part of Walk2Work. Contact us for further details.

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