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Carbon neutral consultancy

We can accelerate your journey to net zero by helping you become carbon-neutral certified. 

What is carbon neutral status?

Becoming certified as a carbon-neutral business is the first step to measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint and developing a strategic plan to reach net zero.

The energy transition is underway, and companies are working to achieve net zero, with many aiming towards 2030 and some as early as 2025 to ensure compliance with future environmental regulations.

Become carbon-neutral verified

Getting verified by an internationally recognised standard demonstrates that a company is truly carbon neutral and focuses on four key stages to carbon neutrality — measurement, reduction, offsetting, and documentation.

The benefits of achieving carbon-neutral status are well worth the effort:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Develop a sustainability plan
  • Invest in credible carbon offsets
  • Increase environmental transparency
  • Strengthen your reputation and customer loyalty
  • Drive efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Stand out to suppliers as a sustainable partner
  • Ensure compliance with current and future environmental regulations

Why partner with us?

Peterson achieved carbon-neutral status in 2022, becoming one of the first energy logistics companies to reach this major milestone and one of the first to announce its commitment to reaching net zero by 2025.

As a result, our sustainability team has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience navigating the carbon-neutral certification process – and we’re ready to support clients with their sustainability goals.

We understand what information is required to achieve certification, how to avoid costly mistakes and how to automate data collection processes to significantly reduce the hours required to measure emissions across a complex business environment.  

Consultancy service

Our consultancy service aims to support organisations committed to achieving carbon-neutral certification with proven methodologies, a purpose-built carbon data collection tool and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies.

We will work in partnership with you to complete the steps required to achieve carbon neutrality and offer the right solutions for your business:

  • Practical advice for every step of the certification process
  • Review of business activities and strategy development
  • Support with the data collection processes
  • Access to Core29’s purpose-built carbon data collection tool
  • Use of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards
  • Development of carbon management plans
  • Internal audits before the verification process


Our digital consultancy Core29 has developed a bespoke software solution to accelerate the data collection process for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, which can often prove challenging for medium to large organisations.

Clients benefit from Core29’s proven technology and BI dashboards which reduce the hours required to measure emissions by approximately 40% during and after the carbon neutral process is complete.

Find out how Peterson achieved carbon-neutral operations by opening the case study below: 

Get in touch

Interested in accelerating your journey to carbon neutrality? Get in touch with Holly Maclean, Sustainability Advisor and find out how we can support your business - HMaclean@onepeterson.com 

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