Customs consultancy and training

Compliance with customs regulations is a strict requirement for all companies at every level of the supply chain and we offer a range of customs consultancy services to the UK Energy industry. Through expert advice, practical solutions and seamless in-house assistance our experienced team will help your business achieve this essential goal.
Experience and proven track record
Our experienced team delivers the versatile customs assistance your business needs. We have a proven track record of delivering the critical customs solutions that companies require to achieve customs compliance.

Our extensive knowledge, understanding and experience of dealing directly with HMRC allows us to anticipate what is required to ensure a robust customs process is implemented within your business.

Practical solutions
We pride ourselves on providing practical solutions through expert advice. We don’t prescribe pre-determined solutions - we listen to what our clients need and agree a bespoke approach for their business.

The service we provide can range from managing your entire customs function, to a one-off scope of work to solve a specific challenge.

Full picture
We provide expert customs advice, services and training across many industries. Our staff are experienced in working with all aspects of the supply chain, throughout multiple sectors. Working with all levels of the industry, from offshore operators to manufacturers, allows LS Customs to provide a fully integrated and multifaceted service.

Services offered include:
  • In-house support
  • Independent customs support and consultancy
  • Instruction for customs clearance, following the correct customs process
  • Record management and retention
  • Mock audits
  • Awareness training – adaptable for businesses, to encompass procurement, warehouse staff, tax departments and management
  • Audit support – assisting when a company has had advance notice from HMRC of an upcoming audit, and during the auditing process
  • Post-audit support – where a company has been audited by HMRC, and they have improvements they need to put in place

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