Customs consultancy & Training

As global experts of energy logistics, we are experts in the field of customs. We offer a broad range of services that support the seamless transportation of your goods as well as customs consultancy and training services.

Consultancy and training

Through our partnership with LS Customs Management we offer a range of customs consultancy services to the UK oil and gas industry. Compliance with customs regulations is a strict requirement for all companies at every level of the supply chain. Through expert advice, practical solutions and seamless in-house assistance our experienced team will help your business achieve this essential goal.

Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements and include:

  • Audit services and health-checks
  • Documenting and review of internal procedures
  • Applications for Authorised Economic Operator Customs (AEOC) status
  • Completion of other HMRC applications and documentation
  • Management Support System (MSS) data checks
  • Duty payment services
  • Dedicated personnel providing in-house support
Our awareness training courses include:
  • IPR and OPR awareness
  • Export licensing overview
  • UCC and the effects on the UK Continental Shelf
  • Introduction to Incoterms
  • Tariff classification overview
  • End use relief awareness