Supply base operations

We believe that supply base operations start with you. Your cargo’s point of departure is the very start of our supply chain management, whether it being from your yard, or the supplier’s yard.

From here, we move it through our supply base, pre-shipment inspections and finally load your cargo onto the vessel that will transport it to its port of destination.

In order to maintain optimum efficiency throughout, a deck plan is created together with the ship’s master, using specialist software developed in-house. This bespoke software enables virtual loading and features the IMO protection zones for the segregation of dangerous goods. This minimises unpleasant, time-consuming surprises during the actual loading process.

Inbound cargo is inspected for leakage and other potentially unsafe situations before it is discharged and returned to the clients yard, or the vendor. Supply base activities are high-risk for both people and the environment.

As specialist experts, our people are well trained and supervised, with management systems in place to handle all imaginable contingencies. In addition, our supply bases are floodlit, so that daytime light conditions prevail during even the darkest nights.

But that’s not enough. Hardware plays a vital role in safety, too. It is therefore our strict policy to own and control our equipment. We are watchful of the daily and long term maintenance, and replace the equipment regularly and on time. That is why you will always find our trucks, forklifts and cranes in perfect working condition.

As global leaders of energy logistics, Peterson always strive to be just that little bit better than the rest. Our clients, therefore, have come to appreciate the further benefits of our endeavours:

  • Competitively priced marine gas oil (MGO) supplied from our own storage facilities, or from third-party suppliers; delivered to all our berths by barge
  • High-volume water supply at all quays
  • Dry and wet bulk supplies in all areas where we operate, or at the facilities of the mud supplier of your choice
  • Tank cleaning services at all berths, with controlled waste disposal in accordance with local legislation at the very least
  • A partnership with a supply base operator who not only has the knowledge and expertise to get the job at hand done swiftly and economically, but also has procedures and safeguards in place to ensure comprehensive environmental protection

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