Our expert team of controllers make best use of transport solutions via our specialist planning software, eTransport.

Using this forward thinking technology, controllers can plan operations to optimise driver, truck and trailer efficiency, which both improve service levels and also reduces empty running and the costs associated with that.

Peterson has a long and distinguished history in the provision of transport operations, in both general haulage as well as quayside operations and currently operates a fleet of 55 modern artic units. Looking to maintain a modern, low emission, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient fleet of vehicles, we replace our artic units every 5 years, ensuring high quality transport units are always prepared and ready.

Our transport controllers are in daily contact with each other to ensure the most cost effective solutions are used and operations are planned to reduce any waiting time at collection or delivery.

Our industrial transport vehicles are fitted with the Navman messaging and telematics system that allows us to safely communicate with our drivers thus ensuring a rapid response to any last minute changes to the program. The system is interrogated regularly and the telemetry data used to improve driving standards and fuel efficiency, delivering best results for the transport of your industrial goods.

Specialist Transport
We currently have at our disposal a 65te special type’s tractor unit along with varying types of trailer to allow for high and heavy movements up to a 65te Gross Vehicle Weight.

For those occasions when we’re moving freight above this weight limit, or for any particularly high movements we utilise a specialist high and heavy contractor who has extensive experience of this kind of movement and can offer a specialist and expert transport solution for you.

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