Servicios de compras

80:20 presta servicios especializados de compras y de gestión de la cadena de suministros para la industria energética, haciendo especial hincapié en el gasto no estratégico que, si se gestiona de manera eficiente, puede producir importantes ahorros en los costos de producto y de las transacciones.
Our highly motivated team of procurement professionals works closely with clients to deliver an added value service that will allow 100% of spend to be managed effectively, this is particularly relevant where resources are limited thus allowing clients to concentrate on core commodities.

We reduce product and transactional costs using our innovative technological solutions resulting in cost savings, long term value creation and peace of mind for you. 

At 80:20 we look at things differently, we’re focused on your business 24/7 – locally and globally – wherever you need us.

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