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Our roadmap towards NetZero

To support our clients on their journey towards Net Zero we are implementing our own roadmap to materially change our business practices and drive down our CO2 emissions.
It’s important to us that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, supporting them as they look to deliver their carbon reduction objections. Across our business we will challenge each and every action we take to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise our emissions.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  • The assets on our sites will use alternative energy sources wherever possible – from electric forklifts and cranes, to electric and hydrogen powered trucks
  • Use of alternative energy across our sites – utilising wind / turbine power and solar panels to provide us with the energy we need to power our operations
  • Replacement of vessels’ diesel generators with shore-based power delivered through electric transformers
  • Leading the industry to deliver efficiencies in the supply chain and drive out excesses where they exist – using our vessel pooling and sharing models to deliver twice as much, using half the amount of vessels; and sharing materials management sites across multiple clients
  • Use of advanced technologies to drive the best possible planning into the supply chain, to minimise the movement of goods across locations
  • Actively engaging our employees to challenge their own behaviours and drive down their own carbon footprint
  • Implementing our remote working policy, in part to minimise the environmental impact of our people commuting to and from work each day and energy usage on our sites

Our first step on this journey was to have our Edzell site certified as carbon neutral under the PAS 2060 accreditation and to demonstrate our commitment to further reduce emissions. This initiative compliments the existing work on ISO 50001 and includes emission reduction alongside energy efficiency targets.

At Edzell we are making material changes that will drive us forward on the journey to carbon neutrality, while still maintain the excellent service quality we are delivering from the site day-to-day. Our focus is on making Edzell a sustainable Material Management site that aligns with our clients’ carbon initiatives and objectives. This will include, but is not limited to, the use of alternative energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, the electrification of our forklift truck fleet, enhanced planning, through the use of technology, to reduce inter-base transport.

As part of a strategic roadmap for the reduction of the Peterson Energy Logistics carbon footprint, we will undertake material changes at all our sites and as a result our clients will gain further benefits towards carbon reduction targets. We understand and align with our clients Net Zero ambitions, ensuring we can provide any support they require on that journey.

We are also focused on engaging with our employees to challenge their own behaviours around sustainability. We are proud to be part of the Pawprint pioneer programme. Pawprint is an online tool and app, which allow users to measure, understand and reduce your carbon footprint from the palm of your hand.
We strongly believe it is important that we take all our employees along with us on this journey to drive down our CO2 emissions, as their actions – in and out of work – have a material impact. Pawprint will be made available to all our UK employees, supported by a strong campaign of communication and engagement with our people to support them as they look to change their behaviours.
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