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Peterson implements additional lifesaving rule number 11: Social Distancing

For over ten years now we have implemented our ten lifesaving rules (LSR) which provide our employees with the actions they can take to protect themselves and their colleagues. We believe these LSR have significantly improved our safety performance and helped to lower both our LTIF and TRCF, making Peterson a safer place to work. 
Our leadership team remain committed to implementing our Life-Saving Rules to provide our people with the actions they can take to mitigate risk and reduce both harm and incidents.

These have been reviewed in light of the actions our workers that remain at the forefront of operations currently need to undertake to stay safe, and the decision was taken to add a further LSR – Social Distancing.

This eleventh LSR will ensure we keep our people safe during these unprecedented times, focusing on active monitoring, extra supervision, self-verification, reviewing risk assessments and updating work instructions, all of which are implemented at present.