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COVID-19 update from Peterson Energy Logistics

As we head towards the end of 2020, and are unfortunately still dealing with the challenges of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to reconfirm to you our strong focus on minimising the risks around COVID-19 and to assure you that were still providing the safest and highest standard of service with an on-going reassurance on our business continuity objectives at all times.
By now, we have all seen the encouraging news about the COVID-19 vaccine shortly becoming available for use across the UK. While this is clearly very welcome news for us all, I wanted to assure you that this has by no means led to complacency within Peterson and we will continue to manage and operate our day to day business with the highest levels of safety.

At the very outset of the pandemic, our crisis management team ensured that our documented, and tested, crisis management processes were implemented with immediate effect and personnel moved to remote working wherever possible. This ensured that we could effectively manage our client needs throughout the course of the pandemic.

We soon introduced a new Lifesaving Rule into our safety management system – Lifesaving Rule 11 - Social Distancing - which we immediately embedded throughout the organisation.

With support of our COVID-19 support group we were able to quickly implement a number of control measures that ensured that all essential staff and contractors continue to meet all operational requirements with zero delays to our clients and zero potential risk to our people. These control measures include:

  • Introduction of COVID-19 specific self-verification that tests our current control measures across our sites with 130 verifications currently undertaken so far
  • Creation of a specific COVID-19 category within our Star Cards reporting system, with upwards of 95% positive STAR cards being reported to date
  • An enhanced visitor process to ensure only essential visits are carried out, managing numbers on site while ensuring that our clients’ needs and business continuity remains at the forefront of our operation
  • Purchase of electrostatic sprayers for continual pro-active cleaning of our sites, ensuring that our essential staff have a safe, clean and hygienic environment to work in at all times
  • Flu jabs offered to all employees and their families
  • Temperature checks completed on pre-arrival at site
  • Continued strong engagement with our people around the importance of the measures and protocols we have in place for COVID-19

We recognise that our greatest asset is our people and along with the above COVID-19 control measures, we have also heavily focussed on the wellbeing and mental health of our employees and families throughout the pandemic, ensuring that they are supported through our internal Wellbeing First Aiders as well as our Employee Assistance Programme.

Many Thanks