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People profile: Paddy Mitchell

Our Learning and Development Coordinator, Paddy Mitchell, shares his Peterson career story with us. He discusses the changes he has seen throughout his time with the company and reflects on the key projects he has been involved in.

What does your role involve?

My current role is Learning & Development Coordinator. I am part of a team that works within the HR department and this involves training and developing our employees in all disciplines. At the moment, the focus is on forklift training and refresher training around all our sites.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

When I started with the company, I worked at Torry Marine Base as a Base Operative. I progressed through the years to Quayside Supervisor and Operations Team Leader, before becoming Quayside Manager. Following this, I became a Resources Trainer and then moved on to my current role as Learning and Development Coordinator. Over the years the company has grown immensely - the number of employees has more than quadrupled and our client base has significantly increased.

What has encouraged you to remain committed to the company over such a long period of time?  

Working with and building a good team has kept me encouraged along with the opportunities I have had for personal training and development. Having a good safety culture and being part of implementing this has also helped me to remain committed.

Do you have any particular stories from your career that are significant or projects you have worked on that you are most proud of?

A highlight was watching the introduction of Flow to the quayside which was a big step up from the antiquated way we used to work. I worked with the innovation team to sell the idea to the quayside guys by helping to promote this new way of working. The team was hesitant about it at first but keeping them involved and talking directly to the developers helped immensely with the implementation. Flow has developed significantly since then, now forming part of our Lighthouse technology suite, and it has been a huge asset to us over the years.

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