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Peterson Welcomes Steef Ritzema as Regional Director, Netherlands

Please join us in welcoming Steef Ritzema to the Peterson team as Regional Director of the Netherlands. Steef joins us from his previous role as Managing Director of Control Union Thailand, where he oversaw the growth of the business in the country.

Steef discusses his career progression, upcoming priorities for Peterson in the Netherlands and what he is most looking forward to in his new role.

What does your role involve?

As Regional Director of the Netherlands, I am responsible for all Peterson Offshore Group entities in the country. This includes supply base operations, chemicals, our SNS pool, marine support, airport logistics, procurement services and all other activities that take place at our HUB and base.

How has your career progressed to where you are now?

I began working with Control Union Indonesia in 2016, where I led the acquisition of a fumigation company. Following this, I provided support for some potential new business opportunities in the region and was involved in the restructuring of the certifications department. In 2019, I was offered the opportunity to take over as Managing Director of Control Union Thailand. I spent two and a half years in Thailand, helping to expand the country’s service offering, before moving back to the Netherlands last month to begin my new role as Regional Director within Peterson.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as Regional Director?

We have a diverse service offering within Peterson and we have a lot of different business lines that we provide to our clients, which is great to see and to learn about. It’s also an exciting time to be part of the energy industry as we move towards our goal of net zero. There are a lot of new developments associated with the energy transition, and I look forward to working collectively on those developments going forward.

What are your priorities for Peterson in the Netherlands?

My priority is to get to know everyone in the business to ensure we cooperate with each other, both internally and externally, and act as one cohesive unit. It is important that we support each other, not only in the Netherlands but also in our international entities, to reach our company goals and maintain our position as a leading energy logistics company.

Additionally, Peterson is the facilitator for the SNS pool, our unique collaboration model which allows oil and gas operators to outsource their combined marine and helicopter requirements to Peterson. We have been looking into opportunities to develop the SNS pool in relation to offshore wind, and I look forward to seeing those progress over the coming years.

Do you have any advice for someone who’s looking to follow a similar career path?

My biggest piece of advice for someone looking to follow a similar career path is to take on opportunities when they arise even when you’re not sure where it might lead you. Be open, communicate with others and make yourself known. By working hard, taking responsibility, and persevering through the challenges, you will set yourself up for a successful career journey.

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