Energy Transition

It’s important to us that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients, supporting them as they look to deliver their carbon reduction objectives.

We have a stated ambition to be a carbon neutral business before the end of 2022.
Across our business we are challenging each and every action we take to ensure we are doing everything we can to minimise our emissions.

This includes, but is not limited to:
  • The assets on our sites will use alternative energy sources wherever possible – from an all-electric forklift fleet , and electric powered vehicles and trucks
  • Use of alternative energy to power our sites – utilising wind / turbine power and solar panels to provide us with the energy we need to power our operations
  • The use of environmentally friendly fuels replacing traditional fossil fuels used in our cranes, trucks, and vehicles.
  • Replacement of vessels’ diesel generators with shore-based power delivered through electric transformers
  • Leading the industry to deliver efficiencies in the supply chain and drive out excesses where they exist – using our vessel pooling and sharing models to deliver twice as much, using half the number of vessels; and sharing materials management sites across multiple clients
  • Use of advanced technologies to drive the best possible planning into the supply chain, to minimise the movement of goods across locations
  • Actively engaging our employees to challenge their own behaviours and drive down their own carbon footprint
  • Implementing our remote working policy, in part to minimise the environmental impact of our people commuting to and from work each day and energy usage on our sites
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